Artist Management

Atomic Management Group is a recording artist management team that focuses on strategic business organization, scheduling and negotiations for up and coming artists. Activities include developing marketing strategies, A&R development (overseeing the artistic development of recording artists), negotiating business deals & scheduling studio sessions. The Artists below are currently under Atomic Management Group.



A southwest Florida artist originally from Massachusetts, Sling's music presents a genre-bending style, uniquely melding the sounds of both the northern and southern artists he grew up listening to. These acclaimed artists have not only inspired his beats, but also his hustle. Sling is an artist that lives at the intersection of opportunity & preparation, grit and natural talent. Sling's music is a reflection of who he is & where he's been.



 A product of the southwest Florida environment, OneWayTB's music presents a mix of Hip-Hop & R&B with his vocal range & singing ability. His strong melodic presence blended with his versatile rapping flows brings a new sound and vibe to the table. OneWayTB's music is a reflection of his past experiences, lifestyle and principles.