Our Story

Why we LOVE what we do


It all started with the love for the game of Basketball. 


I grew up like most, playing and watching Basketball with the love for it growing daily. Making friends, growing close to coaches, learning the rules and skills, developing relationships and building chemistry with teammates. These are all some of the things we enjoy about sports, how they bring people together and closer than ever before. I felt this same passion with The Sneaker Community.

Growing up watching Jordan, Barkley, Kobe, T-Mac, Shaq, AI & LeBron, I began idolizing these players, wanting to mimic and be just like them. From on court mentality to their style and fashion (of course the shoes). We all thought that these things would give us a little edge to our game. With shoes being one of the only things that set the players apart from each other, showing a sense of style, personality and swag. 

So from on to off the court, the kicks were admired, collected and celebrated. This became a passion, helping people find, collect and wear the kicks that bring back memories or help them fulfill the goal of being like there favorite player. I love how it has similar characteristics as Basketball; making friends, developing relationships and building chemistry with customers, watching them excited to have copped a shoe they've wanted for years. THIS is how it started!